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Fuel tanks have revolutionised the way that diesel and other liquids are stored on building sites, mines, manufacturing plants, and rental yards to name just a few. However, anything that holds large amounts of chemical substances is at constant risk of failure due to a variety of reasons unforeseen by someone who’s not a trained professional.

This is where WA Refuelling steps in, with a set of specialised fuel tank services that Western Australian businesses can rely on:

Fuel Tank Inspections

When a tank fails, it puts your business at serious risk. Not only is it your responsibility to clean up the possible spillage that has now caused harm to the environment, but tank failure is seen as the inability to comply with strict regulations that were set to protect both the earth and surrounding community. Tank failure, thus, results in the loss of revenue, and even worse, life in extreme cases.

This makes the fuel tank maintenance a regulatory requirement by the Australian government – something that WA Refuelling offers in the form of fuel tank inspection and audit services for fuel stations, transport companies, rental and courier fleet operators and even marine facilities.

Other Services

In addition to our tank inspections, WA Refuelling installs and maintains bowsers, tanks and pipework. All our technicians are passionate about their job and trained to work in the confined spaces found within self-bunded storage tanks – including the AdBlue tanks.

Furthermore, we implement fuel cleaning, microbial growth removal and treatment, fuel sampling, full inspection reports, compliance, audits and inspections for leaks or damage, corrosion, rust or crack, warping or deformities, and vents and gauges. Don’t worry; we won’t miss a thing.

Fuel Dispensing Equipment

WA Refuelling is a specialist distributor of fuel dispensing equipment, with our technicians having years of practical experience servicing and calibrating a variety of relevant products. This is extremely important for fuel retailers and bulk fuel users, relying solely on a company like ours for the correct maintenance and servicing of their dispensing equipment. It is a regulatory requirement to calibrate fuel tanks and dispensing equipment in Western Australia.

For those that don’t know, calibration refers to an activity where the instrument is tested compared to a known reference value. This comparison between measurements can test the correctness of the equipment in question.