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WA Refuelling takes great pride in the ability to provide Western Australia with a reliable source of total refuelling services. With products that meet all relevant Australian Standards and service that beats the best in the world, we’re changing the way businesses access diesel fuel supply for a wide range of purposes.


Construction Vehicles, Machinery, and Plant

Diesel fuel supply is a multifaceted process that contributes to more than one of our country’s most fundamental sectors. When taking a closer look at off-road diesel applications, one quickly realises just how many things can be attributed to the use of the substance as fuel. From construction vehicles to specialised machinery that wouldn’t be able to operate otherwise, diesel is to the engine what blood is to our hearts.

Taking care not only of the fuel delivery supply in Perth but WA Refuelling also keeps a record of machinery and vehicle identification, kilometre readings and quantity counts. Let us help you contain costs and give you detailed records of consumption, whether you’re working on a construction project or mining operation.


Diesel Fuel Supplier – Diesel Fuel Delivery


Below is a list of benefits associated with onsite diesel delivery:

• Customised orders with regards to substance, amount and intended application.
• Improved productivity by not having to stress about the storage, handling and refuelling of diesel.
• High-quality diesel in bulk quantities.
• Less downtime due to not having to handle diesel yourself.
• Business savings by scheduled deliveries that aren’t subject to price increases.
• More convenient account management thanks to a single source for all your fuel requirements.


Above Ground Storage Tanks

Perfect for remote locations and stand-alone applications, above ground storage tanks, can successfully be used in a variety of fields that include construction, mining, marine, aviation and manufacturing. Whether used for fuel or to store waste materials before being sent to the appropriate treatment facility, above ground tanks are truly diverse, yet simple products.

At WA Refuelling, as a diesel fuel supplier, we offer our clients the ability to customise their storage tanks per design requirement, allowing for a wide range of options and modifications that are compatible with most liquid storage needs. Please have a look at our selection here.

Below are some of the advantages for transportation companies and construction projects with regards to yard tanks:

• Storing your fuel onsite will give your employees quick access to the driving force behind the project.
• Being able to fill your vehicle fleet from your facility will not only save you time, allowing for more productivity but save you money because of the discount associated with buying in bulk.
• Construction sites, mines, and manufacturing plants generate a lot of liquid waste. The right tank will ensure that your operations meet regulatory handling criteria specific to the creation and storage of waste material.


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With diesel fuel supply as our most sought-after service, WA Refuelling is continuously innovating our approach to service and product delivery. This includes maintenance programs that will keep your tank operating at optimal performance throughout the duration of its lifespan. Get in touch by telling us what you need, or simply give us a call on 08 9359 1988.