Above Ground Fuel Tanks Australia

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Above-Ground Fuel Tanks Australia

If you need to store large amounts of fuel, you can pick between above-ground and underground fuel tanks. Both have their advantages and limitations, so choosing one over the other will depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, the more popular option for most commercial, construction, and farm businesses in Australia today is above-ground fuel tanks. To find out if they are also right for you, read this article about the benefits and drawbacks of above-ground fuel tanks Australia.

Benefits Of Above-Ground Fuel Tanks

1. Higher Safety Levels

Above-ground fuel tanks are the safest option when it comes to fuel storage. With an underground fuel tank, a leak can go undetected for a long time. Buried tanks can’t easily be visually inspected for signs of corrosion or damage. More often than not, a leak from an underground fuel tank is only caught after contamination or damage has already happened. With an above-ground fuel storage tank, early signs of damages and leakages can easily be spotted. Therefore, they can be corrected immediately to prevent the risk of fuel-related accidents and protect your assets and employees.

2. Lower Maintenance Demands

With an underground fuel tank, you’ll have to remove the tank entirely from the ground to perform repairs and maintenance work. But when your tank is above ground, it will be much easier to inspect, repaint, clean, and keep at its optimal condition. This will not only save you money from avoiding excavation and cleanup costs. But, also allow you to make repairs before anything starts to go wrong.

3. Easier To Relocate

Unlike their underground counterparts, aboveground fuel tanks can easily be transported. This is advantageous if you are using it for a business that requires you to move them to several different locations. This convenience also makes it easier for you to sell them when you no longer find them useful.

4. Longer Lifespan

Above fuel storage tanks also have a longer lifespan than tanks buried underground. All storage tanks eventually corrode and have to be replaced. However, above-ground fuel tanks are less susceptible to corrosion. This is because moisture and acidity in soil accelerate corrosion. Moreover, because it’s easier to inspect, you can repair any tank issues right away to keep it in its best condition for a longer time.

5. Less Stringent Laws

Stringent regulations are implemented in Australia regarding fuel tank installation and maintenance. However, these regulations are less strict for above-ground fuel tanks that do not cause the same consequences as underground storage tank leaks. Since non-compliance to these regulations means costly penalties and legal liabilities, you need a fuel tank that will make them easier to follow.

Drawbacks Of Above-Ground Fuel Tanks

1. Prone To Human Error

Underground fuel tanks keep fuel stored safely away from any field activities. This means your fuel and tanks will not be subjected to damages from human error. But, if you own a fuel tank exposed above ground and placed near roads or runways, vehicles can accidentally run them over. You’ll need to make sure specialty measures are in place to continually ensure the safety of your tank and the fuel inside it.

2. More Vulnerable To Harsh Weather

Most above-ground fuel tanks Australia is set in open areas and are more likely to be affected by extreme weather changes. Exposure to lightning, tornados, and high winds could cause them to break, topple over, or get uprooted. As a result, they could create extensive damages on your property and potential injuries to people around them. Moreover, the fuel stored in your tank could spill over and cause even more problems onsite.

3. Accessible To Vandals And Thieves

Criminals typically attack visible properties and assets. If someone wants to deliberately cause problems or steal from your business, your aboveground fuel tank could catch their attention. Moreover, if your fuel is easy to access, it could be tempting to some of your employees. While you can track your fuel consumption through measuring devices, it can be harder to stop vandals from destroying your tank and property.

4. Reduces Property Aesthetics

Aboveground fuel tanks in Australia are designed to hold high amounts of fuel. This means they are big and take much space on your property. Because of this, nearby business owners and the local community could find your tank to be an eyesore. It might cause complaints especially if it blocks a local landmark or beautiful scenery. More than that, its pipes, hose, and concrete floor on which it stands might be unsightly to have on your property.

If you believe that the benefits of aboveground storage tanks outweigh their drawbacks, then your decision has been made. However, don’t forget to consider your unique location and specific needs. What works for other businesses might not be suitable for your situation. There are also a variety of above-ground fuel tanks you can choose from. So, find the right size and model that will ensure your needs will be adequately met.

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