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The Pros and Cons Of Fuel Storage Tanks

Businesses that require large amounts of fuel need to ensure that it is always properly stored, protected, and maintained. When fuel is stored in specialised containers such as fuel tanks, it will properly combust without black smoke and adverse emissions. Moreover, no deposits or residue will be left inside of the engine, and engines will run as well as they are supposed to do. This is the reason why most commercial, industrial, and farm businesses purchase fuel tanks for their bulk diesel and other fuel storage needs.

Fuel storage tanks are useful in many ways, particularly for preventing leaks and ensuring safety. However, buying one also comes with some risks. Below, we identify the pros and cons to see if purchasing a fuel storage tank is the right choice for your business.


1. Allows You To Save Money

Arguably the greatest benefit of getting a fuel storage tank on site is that it helps you save money. It allows you to buy bulk fuel so you can pay lower prices. You can even negotiate to a point of paying a lot lesser than the wholesale market price. It also helps you create an effective fuel management system, that helps you monitor fuel use and create a workable budget.

2. Increases Your Business Efficiency

If you own a business, nothing is more valuable than time. The more time you have, the more you can create ways for your business to grow and increase profits. Having on-site fuel storage saves time and increases your business’ efficiency by eliminating the need to fuel your vehicles and equipment at off-site locations. Consequently, jobs will be completed faster and your employees will have more energy to do other tasks.

3. Prevents Off-Site Theft

Fuel theft can be is a real concern for some companies. It usually happens within an organization when employees can take advantage of the company’s fuel allowances or fuel cards for personal use. It will be almost impossible for companies to monitor and check fuel consumption this way. To eliminate this wasteful practice, purchasing an on-site fuel storage tank will help you monitor when and who is using stored fuel.

4. Helps Maintain Fuel Quality

A good fuel storage tank can protect the fuel from water and other contaminants. Contaminated fuel can mean a huge loss of time and money. By having your fuel on-site and through regular tank maintenance, you can prevent this from happening. Buy a tank that is durable and leak-free. Then, take the initiative to plan a regular maintenance schedule of your fuel storage tank to ensure consistent fuel quality.


1. Causes Physical Accidents

No business is ever safe from problems caused by human error. Thoughtless behaviours such as smoking around tanks or incorrect dispensing of fuel can cause explosions or fires. In the least threatening scenario, an intruder, or even your own vehicles, can hit your above-ground fuel tank and spill all the fuel inside. You’d have to thoroughly clean the area and get rid of all the spilled fuel before it becomes a source of bigger problems and accidents.

2. Needs Regular Cleaning And Maintenance

Having your own fuel tank requires you to regularly conduct inspections and practice safe cleaning procedures. Since fuel is highly flammable and dangerous, cleaning and maintaining your tank should be done safely and properly. You will also need to plan a maintenance schedule and have additional manpower to look after your fuel storage tank. You can also get your fuel tank provider to do maintenance services but will probably cost you a little bit extra.

3. Endangers The Environment

When you have a huge amount of fuel sitting on your property, hazardous substances can easily escape into the air or soil. This results from accidents, incorrect cleaning procedures, or natural wear and tear of an old tank. When in direct contact with these vapours or liquids, people around the vicinity could suffer health problems. Similarly, plant and animal life that comes in proximity to the tank could also be negatively affected.

4. Follows Stringent Regulations

Local or state laws and regulations on fuel storage prevent the potentially disastrous consequences of fuel storage tank leaks. Without the proper knowledge or professional guidance, these regulations can be very difficult and costly to meet. And, if you fail to abide by these rules, you could end up paying a hefty amount of money or might even have to stop your business operations for some time.

We hope these pros and cons of buying a fuel storage tank will help you decide if getting one is the best decision for your business.  If you decide to proceed to find a good fuel tank for sale in Australia, call our experienced professionals at WA Refuelling Services. We have a variety of choices that are guaranteed to fit your diesel or petrol fuel storage needs. For more information, call us today on (08) 9359 1988.