Fuel Delivery Process Perth

Because of the multitude of benefits it offers, hiring a fuel delivery service is a must for many businesses. If you are running a fleet of vehicles or multiple fuel-powered pieces of machinery, fuel delivery can help you quickly and efficiently refuel on-site. It eliminates frequent trips to your nearby refuelling station and allows you to refuel whenever and wherever you want it. Additionally, fuel delivery can help you save money. They offer a fixed rate and assist the transport and maintenance concerns. Moreover, they can ensure a safe and efficient method of delivering your fuel. And, in emergencies or situations where travelling to a refuelling station is difficult, they can help keep your business operations running.

Partnering with a fuel delivery company can really work wonders for your business. If you want to sign up for a fuel delivery service but don’t know where to start, here are the steps in the fuel delivery process.

1. Find and Call A Reliable Refuelling Company

Before signing up with a fuel delivery service, do thorough research on all your options especially on the fuel delivery process. Find out which fuel companies have the best reviews and if they can deliver to your location. Once you’ve found a reliable company that can help you with your fuel needs, talk to their representatives. Call and ask about the products and services they can offer for your unique situation. Make sure they also offer maintenance and emergency delivery services.

2. Make Arrangements

Once you’ve decided to partner up with a refuelling company, have a sit down with them to discuss your needs and listen to their recommendations. You can either visit their office or ask them to come to your worksite. Inviting them to your location will be ideal so you can show them your fuel storage system and get more accurate estimates. Also, tell them what type of fuel you will require and the quantities you will need. Then, determine the mode of payment they will accept and how often deliveries and payments will be made. If you require fuel to be delivered in multiple locations, make arrangements for each one. Make sure everything is put in writing to avoid future mistakes and conflicts.

3. Schedule Deliveries

After pinpointing the important details in your partnership with the fuel company, you can start scheduling deliveries. Based on your usual fuel consumption, you can find out how much and how often your vehicles and equipment need a refuel. You can also seek the fuel company’s help in estimating your initial order and how long that is expected to last. With a fuel tank on site, you might need to schedule fuel delivery once a week, depending on your fuel usage and the size of your tank.

4. Fuel Delivery

When everything is set, wait for your delivery schedule. You can expect your supplier to deliver fuel regularly and on time, following the stipulations of your contract. But, in case you are running low on fuel earlier than predicted or if production demands require you to use more fuel, you can call the fuel company to make adjustments to your order. You can also order emergency fuel delivery services when you run out of fuel or during emergencies. Make sure to regularly monitor your fuel storage system and consumption. This way, you can inform your fuel supplier of your needs before you totally run out and cause losses to your business.

5. Make Payments

The payment method for fuel delivery services will depend on your fuel supplier. Usually, they will send invoices by mail, stating how much you owe them for a certain period and when you need to settle your account. However, some companies now accept online payments and bank transfers, which make the process faster and more convenient. Whichever way you prefer, just make sure you pay your dues on time to continually enjoy their products and services.


Obtaining a fuel delivery service can help improve your business in many ways. It allows convenience and quick access to your fuel needs while helping you save money and energy. However, you need a reliable fuel delivery partner that will cater to your needs. It also helps if they offer services beyond a reliable fuel delivery system to get the most value for your money.

If you want to enjoy a quick and smooth fuel delivery process, sign up with WA Refuelling Services. Our experts have the training and experience necessary to provide you with seamless ordering and delivery procedures. We can help you make the most out of your time and money. Call us today for more information on fuel delivery and even how to start your own fuel delivery business.