Industrial Fuel Tanks Australia

Important Facts About Industrial Fuel Tanks

If you want a faster and more efficient way to access fuel for your business, then an industrial fuel tank might help you. Many different industries rely on fuel storage tanks to hold large amounts of fuel needed to streamline their operations. In this article, we present you with important facts about industrial fuel tanks, to help you decide if it’s a good investment for you.

What Are Industrial Fuel Tanks?

Industrial fuel storage tanks are containers that have passed the stringent government standards for the safe storage of bulk oil, petrol, diesel, chemicals, and other hazardous and flammable liquids. Through the use of an industrial fuel tank, you can limit evaporative emissions and prevent spills and leakages of the dangerous substance stored in it. They come in different sizes and grande tanks can even store up to 600,000 barrels of liquid.

Types Of Industrial Fuel Tanks

1. Aboveground Industrial Fuel Tanks

Aboveground industrial fuel storage tanks are the most common type of fuel tanks. They are popular because of their lower prices and maintenance costs. They’re also easy to install because you don’t need to excavate or place any piping. And, since most of the tank is visible, you can easily check them for leaks, fuel contamination, and make the necessary cleaning and repairs. However, above ground fuel tanks are exposed and could be subjected to harsh weather and man-made accidents. If caught in a bad location, your tank could get damaged, leak fuel, or even cause an explosion. If you want to use an above industrial fuel storage tank, make sure to implement preventive measures and regularly check your tank’s condition.

2. Underground Industrial Fuel Tanks

If you want a fuel tank that will allow you to maximise the space of your property, then an underground industrial fuel tank can be the best choice for you. An underground storage tank holds fuel underneath the surface and is hidden from plain sight. They can store large volumes of hazardous fuels and are strictly regulated by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Underground fuel tanks are believed to be safer because they won’t be easily hit by storms or large vehicles. And since they are less prone to accidents, the chance of explosion is also much reduced. Nevertheless, underground fuel tanks still have some disadvantages. They are challenging to inspect and maintain. So tank leaks and fuel contamination may happen undetected.

Advantages Of Industrial Fuel Tanks

1. They Are Cost-Efficient

Having an industry fuel tank on your job site means you can eliminate the need to make frequent trips for refuelling. This saves you time and money since you will have reduced downtime in your daily operations. Also, industrial tanks can hold fuel that can last for long periods. So, you can buy them in bulk at a lower price.

2. They Offer Increased Safety

Unlike drums, which were traditionally used to store fuel, industrial fuel tanks are safer. They are made with robust materials, designed to withstand different temperatures and weather conditions. So, you won’t have to worry about sudden fuel-related accidents on your property. Moreover, they offer ease of refuelling, maintenance, and monitoring so you can avoid leakages and losses when filling up your tanks.

3. They Meet Industry Standards

Staying compliant is crucial when running a business. A slight mistake could not only affect the environment or put your property and employees at risk. It could also make you responsible for paying expensive government fines and penalties.

4. They Discourage Fuel Theft

Procuring refuelling services off-site could open your business to fuel theft. It’s is because it will be hard to track your fuel purchases and consumption. Your employees could use your company’s resources for personal use. In some cases, they might even share your fuel cards with their relatives and friends. An industrial fuel tank on your property can keep your fuel safe from opportunists. You can monitor your fuel expenses better, and your staff will have difficulty accessing your fuel stocks without being noticed.

5. They Can Help Increase Your Profits

Because of all the time savings, cost-effectiveness, and convenience industrial fuel tanks can provide, your company can enjoy more profits. You can continually stay productive, have lesser expenses, and stay focused on achieving your company goals. As a result, you can stay ahead of your competitors and keep your clients and employees satisfied.

If you need to have a safe and efficient way to store your company’s fuel, come to WA Refuelling Services. We have a wide range of options for industrial fuel tanks that comply with Australian standards. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll gladly present you with choices that will best suit your purposes. To learn more about our company and fuel products, call WA Refuelling today on (08) 9359 1988.